mažos detalės – dideli pasikeitimai. taip gali ir tu. visai paprastai. geometrinės formos sienų dekorui. tik lašelis fantazijos naujoms istorijos užgimti:)

inspiracijos iš čia: PINTEREST

have fun at home

don’t want to be bored at home, make your home funny. surprise your guests with unexpected details. play with your creativity. 

can’t wait to share this. WFT – WHITE FAUX TAXIDERMY. one beautiful day two beautiful people met each other & created smth incredible. it’s called LOVE. ok. love is a magic & love happens. so… those two beautiful people had to meet each other because of an idea witch was born when they started live together. to create their home nice, unusual & stylish they have made a faux animal head to decorate their home. and that was an idea which became their small business. I love those sculptures. I love the atmosphere they create. I love when people are in LOVE WHAT THEY DO & they do care about the animals 🖤

check this & tell what do you think:)

photos: WFT