coming back with ideas for the kitchen 🍳

I have my favorite colors, but interested to know which colors would you choose? plain white? black? mix of white and natural wood/plywood? do you like marble details?

tell the one you love the most 🖤  or maybe none of them? 😀

number 1:

number 2:

number 3:

number 4:

number 5:

number 6:

number 7:

number 8:number 9:

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dinner is served 

time for dine.

very important area at our home is dining room. usually it has long tables to meet whole family and have special dinner together. dining rooms are furnished and decorated in a wide variety of styles. some are very formal, some casual, some with heavy, massive furniture and others with a light, airy feel. i have found some nice ideas. hope you gonna like them;)

inspired by PINTEREST