mažos detalės – dideli pasikeitimai. taip gali ir tu. visai paprastai. geometrinės formos sienų dekorui. tik lašelis fantazijos naujoms istorijos užgimti:)

inspiracijos iš čia: PINTEREST

magical SWEET ROOT


when you open the restaurant door, you can get into an another dimension. something is changing around within every breath. it’s mysterious because it’s natural, cosy & so real that is hard to believe such place exists at our planet. you can feel happiness being there & other sensitive feelings. sweetest place for collecting beautiful moments.

interior. warm, grey & natural nude colors. natural textures – wood & concrete. minimal decor. softly lightened. filled with Lithuanian designers small handcrafted details. mine as well:)) pine in a glass pot instead of flowers. it’s winter. everything here is about seasons & traditions. everything here is about remembering something beautiful, something what takes you to the past, to a time when the nature and natural goods were most appreciated. 

food. aesthetics & simplicity also reflects in the dishes. every dish is served in minimal way. you can taste 7 different dishes prepared out of different ingredients. most important thing is that every ingredient, starting from seeds, roots to fish or meat, is collected in Lithuania. restaurant knows every breath of growing seasonings, vegetables… meat & fish are supplied by local farmers. menu – with every single story.

AND THIS IS JUST BECAUSE YOU #LOVEWHATYOUDO!!! be brave. be strong. be self confident. be creative and never stop believing in yourself. SWEET ROOT is not just a restaurant. it’s a place full of positive feelings. i really suggest you to visit SWEET ROOT, be inspired by nature in the city ( I think that’s most important moment ) & experience all good emotions with every single bite:)

more about SWEET ROOT:

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take a look at the photos (borrowed from most popular & inspiring journal in Lithuania   “LAMŲ SLĖNIS” – captured by Paulius Makauskas & Vaidilutė Malinauskaitė):