inspiracijai šiek tiek bulb’onų, kurie never ever neišeis iš mados. kabink kur nori, kaip nori, kiek nori ir jie visada bus išskirtinė detalė, nušvies kelią iki wc, miegamojo lovos ar virtuvės ir bala žino kur. te visad šviečia BULB’ai;))

inspiration: PINTEREST

meat lab

no, I’m not a big meat fan, but I love this place – BUČERIS. it’s a small meet shop where you can get any kind of meet. fresh, smoked, dried… yes it’s a heaven for meet lovers. few tables to sit & try several dishes from a menu. so what brought me here if I hate even the smell of the meet? INTERIOR. it’s osom. every detail is chosen correctly.  textures. colors. graphics and fonts. it’s so stylish. it’s so industrial. luxury place & luxury meet:)  check some photos or visit this place at my hometown Vilnius!